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Pleiadian Lightwork, (Full Sensory Perception) is part of a mystery school that has its roots in ancient Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt and is supplemented with new knowledge and techniques from this time. 

I have been guided to combine this multidimensional healing practice with Usui Reiki and Seichem Reiki, together these modalities create a loving and gentle energetic healing system guided by divine light beings and based on releasing belief systems and holding patterns throughout the body’s energy field, including the Aura, the Chakras and the Soul centers, which consists of the kundalini channels, the 108 facetted prism and the Soul matrix. 

An invitation to deepen your connection with self. A quiet and nurturing space that allows a moment of pause, a time of remembrance, an opportunity to lean in curiously and make connection with the deepest parts of self. 

Things that may arise for healing. 

  • Stuck or trapped energy caused by trauma and/or painful memories.
  • Etheric Cords - Usually attached to other human beings, such as family members, partners, friends ect and hold contracts and/or beliefs in place. 
  • Contracts - A subconscious "binding" contract that was created at some point. 
  • Beliefs - A belief is a thoughtform that is handed down through generations and can also be created through an experience you had. (We only cancel beliefs that keep you feeling disempowered, and we always replace with a positive empowering affirmation. 
  • Lower dimensional energies that are no longer serving you, these energies can only exist via your consent and feed on previous vulnerabilities, together we safely remove these entities from your energy system.  
  • Programs - A consistent pattern and/or behaviors that no longer serve you. 
  • Past Life Programs - A radionic effect from the past that still has an effect on the current life.
  • Ancestral Programs - As above; however, handed down through generations. 
  • Inner child Belief systems - Beliefs created in childhood that no longer serve you. 

*These sessions can also provide opportunities to create or strengthen new pathways, find self-compassion, more self-acceptance, more resourcing solutions or strategies during challenging times, as well as a deep sense of restoration and calm in the body and the nervous system.

How does a session work?

Before we begin, you are welcome to share with me any intentions that you have or any themes that you are currently working on, I will then proceed to get you comfortably set up on a massage bed and proceed to gently guide you through some gentle breathwork or a guided visualization. I will then begin by setting up an etheric temple space and calling in the light beings as we prepare to be guided to where in the energy system requires healing. You will be gently guided and supported throughout the session every step of the way. 

The starting point is always to respect the free will of everyone and respect and serve Mother Earth and the Cosmic plan. 

A session lasts about 90 minutes. These sessions can be done via zoom or in person at my studio temple on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.  


Exchange $120 - Please allow 90 minutes for a session. 
(Pay ID also available on the day)


To arrange your session time, contact me here.