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Connecting you with your Inner Guide.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful and intimate workshop where you will learn the history of Reiki, the five principles of Reiki and how energy healing works. You will also learn how to channel Reiki energy and the hand positions for self healing and energy balancing with friends and family. We will discuss the basics of the human energy systems known as the aura and the chakra system, and the steps to setting up a tranquil space when conducting your own sessions. 

During Level One, you will receive four guided meditations and four level one attunements by myself who is a qualified Reiki Usui Master. You will also have the opportunity to receive and practise giving Reiki hands on healing. Students will receive a Level One Certificate and a full colour Reiki Level One Manual to take home. 

My offering is more in alignment with a one on one mentorship, where my role will be to assist you during those first few weeks on your sacred journey as you learn, digest and integrate your new pathway. It is extremely common for information to surface in the first few weeks once the energy channels begin to flow, think in terms of trapped energy/emotions being released. It is my intention that your intuition will be your guide, leading you gently and slowly as I walk beside you. I will have Mentorship/Self Discovery sessions available at an ongoing special student price, because inner healing is the Reiki pathway and I want you to feel safe and supported.  All workshops are kept to an intimate one on one setting (unless by request you may wish for a friend to join)

Mentorship Information.

Duration: You will need 10 hours of contact time with myself in order to receive certification. There are various options on how this can be achieved, we will work together to structure a plan. I have provided an example below. 


Monday 9am - 3pm - Theory and 4 Energy Attunements

Tuesday 9am - 11am - Digesting and practising with energy.

A further 2 hour session available at your request after you have practised with friends or family to go through any questions or share any insights.

Lunch: A delicious Vegan/Vegetarian lunch and afternoon tea will be provided on day one of the training. 

Exchange - $400

(Payment plans available upon request)

To register your interest contact me here