Reiki - Emotional Discovery

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An emotional Discovery session offers stillness, stillness allows for awareness and curiosity. A place to reflect and connect with self. A place for self discovery, to meet your parts, a place of remembering. A place for your parts to be seen, heard and embraced.

When we cultivate self awareness we are able to begin offering ourselves more self compassion and acceptance. 

A Reiki Emotional Discovery session will be unique to you, depending on what is requiring your inquiry. 

I work with the below:

Reiki energy healing (hands on)
Guided meditation
Chakra balancing
Clearing or a reduction in intensity of trapped/blocked emotions
Inner child work
Heart walls
Past life exploration 
Oracle cards
Sound healing
Talk therapy
Channelled messages

Clients have reported experiencing a clearing of heavy emotions, a reduction in intensity of highly charged memories, observing old thought forms, belief structures and imprints,


Creating new pathways, finding self compassion, more self acceptance, resourcing solutions or strategies during challenging times, as well as a deep sense of restoration and calm in the body and the nervous system.

On occasion a session can be purely energy based, which leads to a truly nourishing treatment, leaving you with a deep feeling of restoration and lightness within. 

Duration 90 Minutes






To arrange your session time, contact me here.