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An invitation to deepen your connection with self. A quiet and nurturing space that allows a moment of pause, a time of remembrance, an opportunity to lean in curiously and make connection with the deepest parts of self. 

What are your parts seeking?


"Our parts long for connection to our self - just as much as we long to connect to SELF"


What if all of our parts were welcome? And over time you could get to a place where you were able to live in inner harmony.

My offering using Reiki and a number of combined modalities is to provide the space for stillness and connection with these parts, a place to observe and cultivate more self awareness and heart expansion so that you can hold more compassion and acceptance towards yourself and others whilst navigating this human life. 

*   Clients have reported experiencing a clearing of heavy emotions, a reduction in intensity of highly charged memories, inner child wounds resurfacing for acknowledgment, observing old thought forms, belief structures and imprints, past life memories, loved ones coming through and important guidance and wisdom being received and/or remembered.

*These sessions can also provide opportunities to create or strengthen new pathways, find self compassion, more self acceptance, more resourcing solutions or strategies during challenging times, as well as a deep sense of restoration and calm in the body and the nervous system.

 Duration 90 Minutes - Exchange $100.00

(Please DM to enquire or to book an in-person session with me.)

Please note - Its important to me that healing be available to everyone, therefor I am offering the option of a payment plan and/or an option for a discounted rate if you feel that you would benefit from a session but cant quite find the resources for the full rate. I trust you to discern if this fits your circumstances. 






To arrange your session time, contact me here.