Reiki - Emotional Discovery

Reiki - Emotional Discovery

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I offer to walk beside you whilst you lean into your edges, offering a sacred container of safety and support for you to begin to gently unravel lifetimes of tangled threads. 

A space of curiosity where together we are intuitively guided, allowing important information to rise to the surface that helps to cultivate acceptance and awareness of self. A place where parts of yourself can be






Each 90 minute session is a combination of energy work and unpacking what may have come up for you through conversation.  Times for each component can vary depending on what we are working with, that's why I allow for a duration of 90 minutes per session. Energy work is done lying down, cocooned in a nest and always combined with sound healing. 

At the end of each session, I will also share with you any messages that may have been received during your energy balance. 

Things that clients have reported experiencing during a session range from clearing heavy energy imprints or dense emotions, revisiting and reducing the intensity of highly charged memories. Revisiting old thought forms, belief structures and imprints and creating new pathways.  A deep sense of restoration followed by calm and ease in the nervous system. I personally love witnessing a beautiful sense of lightness in the body, its almost as if the client floats out of the door. 

You will know just by checking in with yourself if this session feels right for you. 

Session $90 for 90 minutes






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