Reiki Offering - Distance Prayer

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At the time of your session, I ask that you set yourself up in a quiet and comfortable nest with gentle music playing, a space where you will not be disturbed or easily distracted.

As you drift off into total relaxation I will tune in and allow myself to be guided by your energy. Using different modalities such as sound, vibration, tarot and crystals, I will proceed to gently balance your energy system. Working in any areas that require particular attention and taking notes of any insights as they come through ready to share with you at the end of your session. These insights can be shared via a phone call or shared via Instagram voice notes as they allow you to keep the recordings to reflect back on over the following days/weeks, plus it gives you the opportunity to share any insights with me if your feel inclined too.  


The perfect gift to yourself - Energy Nourishment.


 60 minutes 
Exchange - $70.00


(Please DM to enquire or to book an in-person session with me.)