Distance - Reiki Emotional Discovery

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An Energy therapist will connect in with your energy field. Therefor a Reiki Emotional Discovery session works in exactly the same way, whether you are in sitting in front of me or lying comfortably in your own home, both sessions will have the same results. 

On the day your session is booked I will ask you to set yourself up in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed or distracted. I will have you play some gentle music, as you drift off into total relaxation I will tune in and allow myself to be guided by your energy. 

I like to allow 75 minutes for each session, this timeframe includes some time for connection and intention setting at the beginning of a session and also time to share and reflect at the end. I have chosen to share these insights via Instagram voice notes purely because I find them to be a great resource, offering an exchange between the client and the therapist, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions or share any insights whilst also being able keep the recordings to reflect back over the following days/weeks. 

The benefit that a distance session can also provide is that you are able to get all cosy in your own nest at home, in your safe haven. At the end of a session It allows you to remain anchored in the space, allowing more time for integration and reflection. Which can be very beneficial.

At the time of your booking I will contact you to set up a suitable date and time, and briefly explain the process.

Duration - 75 minutes