Conscious Connected Breathwork

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Conscious connected breathwork activates the body's natural healing system, promoting self-exploration, self-awareness & personal transformation. It allows us to tenderly connect with and begin to unravel the messages within. 

The body is an intelligent complex system which stores all of your memories, conscious and unconscious, in a memory bank. Each and every memory holds its own energy charge or vibration. Being present with the breath brings awareness to the body and opens up channels to trapped emotions, stagnant undigested energy, discomfort or tension in the body, wisdom, gifts and buried treasures. Also connecting us to the voice of our hearts, our soul and spirit. 

Breathing is always happening, but how often do we allow our consciousness to just "BE" with the breath?  

Without bringing attention to our breath, we may be unaware that our nervous system is habitually pulling away from experiences due to emotional triggers that we lacked the resources or support to respond to, to feel or to express.

A Conscious Connected Breathwork session will guide you to whatever it is in the unconscious body-mind that is ready for -

  • Revealing
  • Remembering 
  • Recognition 
  • Realisation 
  • Revision 
  • Reframing
  • Renegotiation 
  • Reconciliation
  • Resourcing 

My role is to walk beside you as a guide and a witness as you take on your own journey with the breath.

How does a session work?

We begin by taking a few moments to discuss any intentions or questions that you may have about Breathwork, before guiding you through a gentle induction. In this space we discuss the experience; what may arise, how to meet what may arise, and how I may support you throughout the session and lastly the breathing process itself. Breathwork sessions are done lying down, I will have a cozy little nest all set up for your comfort, once you are relaxed and ready, we begin with a gentle breathing process to guide you in. Music will be playing throughout your session, which will assist you on your journey. You will be breathing anywhere for about an hour. Once the breathing part is over, we will have some time for you to debrief if you feel called too, we will discuss post session support measures and the importance of allowing time and space for integration after a session, ensuring you are well grounded back into the space before you leave. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require more information.  

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To arrange your session time, contact me here.