Sacred Soul Earth is a space for stillness and connection with your Body, Mind and Soul. By quietening the mind we are able to intuitively be guided to release any physical or emotional blockages within the energy system.

When we heal on this deeper level you are able to come back into alignment with the essence of your deepest being.

Megan is an experienced Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer. She also has experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Inner Child and Past Life Regression Therapy, including Life Between Lives.

Megan is extremely passionate in holding a safe and supportive space for the sacred woman to embark on the journey of healing and awakening to her inner wisdom and true courage. For it is here that she will discover her unique talents and passions, and detect and change the beliefs that have long held her back. Guiding her home to her true self where she can live a life that is authentic, embodied and free.

Certified Diploma of Past Life Regression Training and Between Lives Spiritual Regression Training

Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher

Seichem Level One Practioner

Soul Based Hypnotherapy