My name is Megan and I welcome you to my practise Sacred Soul Earth.

There is a beautiful connection and resonance that takes place when two people come together is session and a sacred honouring when someone entrusts me with their most deepest parts. This is the embodiment behind the creation of Sacred Soul Earth.

Sacred Soul Earth is a space to tenderly meet our parts and connect with our internal (and eternal) selves. I believe in our own innate ability to heal and restore our body, mind, spirit and nervous system through gentle exploration and self awarness. By learning how to listen inwardly with curiosity, we are able to ascertain what best serves us.

Naturally we get lost from time to time, life gets chaotic and at times we bare heavy, trapped emotions. Some of us have deeply embedded trauma and our nervous systems have learnt to complety take over the wheel in order to keep us safe, but as a result we have also lost our most vital connection with self.

My approach is to offer a safe, gentle and nurturing space for you to connect in with self through stillness, awarness, curiousity and reflection, gently unravelling the tangled threads. My hope is that you remember you are, your own healer.

By embodying a continued practise of self connection over time, you are able to cultivate more self agency , more self resource and naturally offer yourself more compassion and self acceptance as you move through life.