My Journey

My inner journey began with Level One Usui Reiki in 2015. I was feeling extremely lost in the world, my energy felt stagnant and with no direction. My daughters were both now at school, I was facing the imminent passing of a very close and dearly loved family member and I could feel my deeply embedded childhood traumas starting to rumble. 

It was the beginning of years of research, working with mentors, immersing myself in courses, podcasts and books with the intention to understand myself more and my role, outside of mother, wife, friend, daughter, granddaughter and sister in this world.

It felt like a complete dishevelment of self, and slowly over the years I began to build myself back together piece by piece, gently and slowly.  As I learnt more about myself not the version that was created due to past trauma, parental programming and imprinted generic belief structures, I was able to find small pieces of self compassion, self acceptance and unconditional love for those parts that kept me safe all those years.

“When you were young and experienced traumas or attachment injuries, you didn’t have enough body or mind to protect yourself. Your Self couldn’t protect your parts, so your parts lost trust in your Self as the inner leader. They may even have pushed your Self out of your body and took the hit themselves—they believed they had to take over and protect you and your other parts. But in trying to handle the emergency, they got stuck in that parentified place and carry intense burdens of responsibility and fear, like a parentified child in a family.”
― Richard C. Schwartz, 

I am particularly drawn to Internal Family Systems (Parts Therapy) as my body understands the language at such a deep level. My main focus is on intergenerational trauma and how its stored in the body and handing down a more balanced nervous system through understanding ourselves as parts that make up a whole.

Over the years I have personally consulted with Energy therapy, Breathwork, Nervous System work, Trauma Therapies, Somatic Body Work, Counselling, Sand Play Therapy and Hypnotherapy. For me it has been a beautiful and harrowing journey into the depths of self, working with community via different types of therapists as I work with what arises.  My intention is that you are able to connect with your intuition and build a strong foundation of trust in order to discern what is right for you, and to be fluid on the path as more parts arise along the way.   

I believe the word healing can offer the idea that when you heal your pain, burdens or traumas they simply vanish. I have come to realise that the work is about finding more space, more compassion and more empathy in those spaces so that we are able to safely hold those parts as we move together towards inner harmony. As we find more balance within we are able to hold more polarity without, which can allow for a much smoother journey in the world. 

My training lies in the following modalities

  • Certified Breathwork Facilitation
  • Usui Reiki Master - Teacher
  • Seichem Level one Practioner
  • Soul Based Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Therapist.
  • Esoteric Acupuncture

My Philosophy is that we all are our own innate healers, our body knows exactly what it needs. We just need to learn how to tune in and decipher the language.