About Sacred Soul Earth


My Journey

My inner journey began with Level One Usui Reiki in 2015. At the time I was achingly mourning a beloved family member who was nearing the end of his life, both of my daughters were now in school and I was feeling extremely lost in the world. I wanted to understand the purpose of such a fleeting existence, an existence that encompassed deep love, joy, but also at times deep loss, grief and sorrow. 

This was the beginning of years of deep inner research and deep outer research.. working with mentors, immersing myself in courses, podcasts and books, I personally explored Energy Therapy, Breathwork and Nervous System work, Somatic body work, Expressive Therapies, Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems and even Past Life Hypnotherapy, among others. 

It has been a complete dishevelment of self.

As I continue to piece the parts of myself back together, more intrinsically, I am grateful for the grief and the sorrow just as much as the joy. Its the combination of these parts that have taught me so much about myself, and about self acceptance, about self compassion and about unconditional self love. Its taught me to become friends with myself, its showed me how to connect with the "little me" inside, its taught me that I am my greatest love, my greatest protector and my longest friend. 

My Holy Grail is to work on remaining rooted to the earth in this human experience whilst also being able to trust in the inherent flow of life. in other terms, "I am the Body AND I am also not the body" - A beautiful analogy on what Embodiment feels like within me.