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Conscious Connected Breathwork

Consciousness of breath brings awareness to the body and opens up channels to trapped emotions, stagnant undigested energy, discomfort or tension in the body, wisdom, gifts and buried treasures. It also connects us to the voice of our hearts, intuition, emotions, sensations, our soul and spirit. 

Connection - Intention

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Pleiadian Lightwork & Reiki

Pleiadian Lightwork is a deep healing and reading modality that works through multidimensional levels clearing the body and its energy systems. It focuses on balancing and in depth reading and healing the Aura and the Chakra system, bringing awareness to cords, contracts, beliefs, programs, past life programming, ancestral programming and lower vibrational energies that no longer serve.

Exploration - Integration

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Usui Reiki Level One - Training

A beautiful intimate workshop, where we discuss the history of Reiki and the basics of the human energy systems, known as the aura and the chakra system, you will receive four energy attunements and there will also be opportunity for hands on practice. I work in a small setting, with no more than two people per workshop, allowing me the time and space for more focus and energy on your individual learning.

Training - Certification

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Megan is the beautiful soul and so good and what she does, I'm honestly so thankful that we crossed paths. I've had a few sessions with Megan now and each time I walk out feeling amazing. We have been working on so much healing in my sessions, the last one will be something I will remember forever, we worked on past trauma and the experience I had was out of this world. Each and every session for me is always different and I love that. Thankyou so much Megan cant wait to see you again soon.


Megan, Thankyou for holding space for me, piecing the pieces together and guiding me through those "ahhhh yes" moments to help in my healing process! Healing those childhood traumas, allowing forgiveness to happen and coming to an acceptance stage has made the next steps in my journey feel just right. You are such a beautiful soul Megan. Thankyou for such a powerful and emotional session.


I had a beautiful healing from Megan a few weeks ago and the shift I have had in my relationship with my partner have been crazy, in a good way. Megan released a past life trauma, which enabled me to open my heart to my current partner. Imagine carrying these blocks and heart walls for life times and wondering why you cant fully open your heart and allow people to love you and accept it. Truly has changed my life, thankyou so much Megan, you are an angel.